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What We Do for You

LISTEN to your needs.
ASSESS your skills & credentials.
COACH you in resume & interview skills.
UTILIZE our extensive database to match you to your ideal position.
NEGOTIATE the best compensation package possible including salary, benefits, housing, relocation, sign-on bonuses, etc.
FACILITATE any licensure, work visa and relocation details.
SUPPORT you through the transition into your new job.

Benefits of using Alda for your job search - A comparison

Using Alda for job search
Your own job search
Highly trained search professionals spend over 40 hours weekly researching, networking and negotiating for positions on your behalf. Limited job search due to family and work commitments, lack of resources.
Direct contact with hiring officials/decision makers. Lack of contacts.
Personalized marketing presentation of your skills to decision makers facilitates prompt interview. Mailed/faxed resume impeded in Human Resources department in-basket.
Extensive negotiation skills, salary and benefit info. Lack of knowledge of regional salaries, benefits.
Thorough knowledge of North American job market and community information on a regional basis. Overwhelmed and intimidated by choices available.
Advance notice of job postings and availability. Openings discovered too late.
Knowledgeable in licensing, work visa and relocation details. Overwhelmed and frustrated by relocation process due to lack of information.
Professional resume assistance and interview feedback resulting in job offers. Lack of feedback.
Sift through the maze of opportunities available to provide a select number of choice positions. Applying for positions that are not appropriate due to lack of information.
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