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Frequently Asked Questions


What professionals do you place?

Currently, we place staff registered nurses for permanent positions in the US and other countries. We also have contract positions for LPNs/LVNs and CNAs in the US and Canada.

Foreign born registered nurses and nursing Assistants,  may apply to work in the US , Canada or UK with our company. In the future, we plan to expand  services to Respiratory Therapists, Emergency Medical Technicians .

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Where do you place your nurses?

We usually place nurses in hospitals and nursing homes throughout the United States, Canada, England in permanent and temporary positions. 

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What is the cost of Alda's Placement Service... ?

NOTHING! This is a FREE service to all job seekers.
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IF I register with Alda , will my resume be confidential ... ?

Yes. Your personal contact information remains confidential until you give permission for it to be released to an employer.

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Who pays me when I get a job through Alda ... ?

You are hired directly by the hospital or healthcare agency. Salary and benefits are paid by the hospital or healthcare agency.
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I am a foreign born nurse. What exams are required to work in the US?

All foreign born nurses must have passed the CGFNS or NCLEX exam and the TOEFL and TSE exams.

Those entering into the US with a visa only need to complete the TOEFL and either the CGFNS or NCLEX.

Those entering into the US with a green card, need to complete the above mentioned tests along with the TSE to secure the VisaScreen certificate.

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Do I need CGFNS certification... ?

Immigrant Visas: Yes and no. If you donot have CGFNS then you must have passed the NCLEX To file an immigrant worker petition (form I-140), a CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) certificate or full unrestricted license to practice in the state of intended employment is required according to the federal immigration regulations. However, under current INS practice, NCLEX may substitute for the CGFNS certificate if the nurse will be employed in a state (e.g., NewYork) where the state nursing board does not specifically require a CGFNS certificate.

As indicated previously on this web page, there is no provision under current law for INS to approve an I-140 for an RN in the absence of a CGFNS certificate or unrestricted license. Yet they are being approved with NCLEX instead. Welcome to the strange world of immigration law. 

Please remember that the CGFNS exam results are not sufficient; the certificate is needed. To obtain a CGFNS certificate, the RN must pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Note: Sometimes the INS accepts an I-140 (EB-3) immigrant worker petition without a CGFNS certificate, NCLEX, or an unrestricted license. However, the petitioner should later receive a "Request for Evidence" notice (RFE) requesting the CGFNS certificate or unrestricted license. Processing of an RFE, currently, is likely to double the time it takes to process an I-140 petition.

VisaScreen: At the end of the immigration process, approval of an immigrant visa for a healthcare worker without a Visa Screen certificate from CGFNS is plain error. We have heard the stories from nurses: the American Consulate gives immigrant visas to healthcare workers without the Visa Screen. We have discussed this matter of the Visa Screen certificate with other immigration lawyers and American consular officers. Unless the nurse received his/her education in a handful of countries where English is the first language, the Visa Screen certificate is required.

WARNING: If a recruiter or other individual promises to obtain for you an RN immigrant visa without a Visa Screen certificate, there is a strong possibility of fraud. In all cases an RN interested in immigrating to the US should avoid such individuals.

Temporary Work Visas (H-1B): To qualify for an H-1B visa, the professional (whether an accountant, teacher, or another profession) must have an unrestricted license to practice the profession if one is required. In practice, professionals are often admitted if they have completed essentially all possible steps toward licensure while outside the USA (save for obtaining a Social Security number, for example). It is for this reason, that some immigration attorneys are hopeful that INS will change its policy regarding licensure and entry under EB-3 (see above).

If the offered position requires a BSN (Nursing) degree but RN duties will not be performed, then arguably an RN license in the state of intended employment is not required. 

USA Professionals does not petition under the current H-1C program. So those requirements are not discussed here.

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IS Nclex enough to come to USA ?

Yes. If you have Nclex and passed the English exams then that is good enough to come to USA.

Join our Alda-Nclex program to by pass CGFNS and directly do Nclex

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Where can I find the cgfns Apllication and the study guide... ?

Visit the official website at and download it free of charge. You will receive a free copy of the official study guide with your paid request for the CGFNS exam.

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I am a Canadian nurse. How can I apply to work in the US?

Any Canadian nurse who is interested in working in the US may be sponsored for employment relatively easy with a TN visa. Some states do not require the Canadian trained nurse to take the NCLEX exam. Please contact us to find out more information.

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How long does it take to get an immigrant visa ... ?

September 2001 the INS publicized that immigrant petition processing was about ten weeks.

Please check the new Processing Times page.

The process for other kinds of medical professionals is different--and usually longer, generally about two years.

Warning: If you are shopping around for a petitioner, you should avoid any petitioner, recruiter, or attorney who promises to complete the immigrant visa process in a certain amount of time. Petitioners, recruiters, and their attorneys have no control over the processing time. Making such promises is one indication that the company or individual is not reputable

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Can I bring my family also ... ?


Our clients  can  sponsor for  your spouse and children as well. However, Alda encourages employees to travel alone and get settled before bringing other family members. Of course, the length of that transition varies from person to person, but generally it is three to nine months. 

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