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Cruise Jobs

Perhaps you would like to go to Mexico, the Caribbean, Alaska, Bermuda, Hawaii, Europe, or some other world destination. Working on a cruise ship will allow you to see such places, meet new people, experience different cultures and climates, and make a good income. What's more, your food and accommodations on board a cruise line are free as well!


How Much Money Can You Make?

Your income level in the cruise industry is dependent upon the cruise line who hires you and what your job description will be. However, you can often make very good salary with room and board included. Again, your income level is negotiated between you and the cruise line who hires you, but keep in mind that the better your resume looks, the higher your pay could be.



"I've Never Worked in the Cruise Industry"

No problem! (unless you want to work as captain or some other position directly related to the operation of a cruise ship!). The vast majority of positions available on a cruise ship require no previous cruise experience. See below for a partial listing of positions that are available on most cruise lines.



Many Positions Are Available

Cruise lines generally hire in the following areas:

food and food server staff;


deck and cabin steward/stewardesses;

bartenders and cocktail servers;

retail and gift shops;

fitness and gym instructors;

youth counselors;

office personnel;

tour guides;

landside and reservationist positions;

medical staff;

casino dealers;

and many more positions.

Please note that most cruise ships hire 300 to 900 crew members each, which means many job possibilities for you!


How You Can Get A Rewarding Cruise Ship Job:

The main challenge is securing a cruise job is that you need to have the right hiring tools and knowledge that will get your "foot in the door." In order to be taken seriously by a cruise line's hiring staff, it is essential that you know exactly: how to write your resume for the cruise industry; who to contact; what to say and what not to say; what letters need to be sent; and other details. Getting the cruise line job you want is easy when you know how (and very difficult when you don't!) .

Cruise lines usually refrain from advertising their available positions; instead, employment service companies is one of the main ways they find personnel--we offer the best in this field. Our information will help guide you through the preparation, application, and hiring process so that you will be taken seriously by the cruise line hiring staff (and get your job fast). We are the ONLY company that has an exclusive online listing of up-to-the-minute cruise jobs that you can apply for online! Through our extensive research, we have created a database of Cruise Lines that post their current job openings and many of them allow you to apply online via the Internet!

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