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Component Management & OutSourcing

Alda mainly focus on telecommunications consulting , dedicated to helping its customers implement solutions; solutions that focus on bottom line profitability and quality assurance. Riverview also ensures that its clients will have the opportunity to experience and fully implement and integrate its End to End Profitability Solution Methodology.

Alda's End to End Profitability Solution Methodology is a proprietary methodology that integrates the telecommunication industry's cutting edge best of business practices with down to earth process re-engineering, IT analysis tools, and systems integration enhancements.

The end results are higher profitability, quality service delivery, identification of revenue leakage, effective circuit management, integrated and feature-rich IT tools - in other words, everything you need to achieve End to End Profitability; the Alda way.

Alda can help you streamline your processes and offers cutting edge analysis tools along with providing efficient IT systems analysis and execution.

Alda's Component Services offers turnkey services to address a variety of common IT infrastructure and communications challenges by combining our ability to deploy the right technical talent with our specialized project management expertise.

Once your strategy has been defined and you're ready to execute, we'll handle all


Software Services in the Telecom Sector

The need for software services within the telecom sector has been steadily increasing over the years, especially with the demand for telecommunication services.

At Alda we offer an array of software services within the telecom and networking sectors.


We have specialized in providing Solutions for :

    • VoIP Gateways
    • Wimax
    • Cable Telephony equipment
    • Soft Switches

    Service Offerings

    • System engineering
      – System Architecture
      – Value Engineering
      – Selection of Hardware and Software Platforms
      – Hardware/Software Partitioning
      – FPGA Services
      – RF Integration and Design
    hardware design
    • Board design
    • Signal integrity analysis
    • Custom design and manufacturing services (CDMS)

    IC Design
    • System level design and modeling
    • IP licensing
    • IC logic design/verification
    • IC physical design
    • Analog design
    • IC Logistics

    Software Services
    • Protocol stack development (MAC & PHY)
    • OS/Device driver and Porting
    • Layer 3 integration
    • O&M and applications
    • Independent verification and validation
    • Testing and Test automation 


Our commitment to our clients and their work is evident in everything we do, from the planning stages through the final deliverable. So exceeding your expectations isn't just a goal; it's our whole business.



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