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What is Travel Nursing?

Travel Nursing:  WHAT IT ALL ABOUT?

Would you like to travel around the country, and live in new and exciting places for a few months at a time? How about having your living accommodations paid for? Maybe you? like to be reimbursed for your relocation expenses, earn top pay and benefits along with bonuses, get great professional experience and work among with the top individuals in your field. There? just one catch: You have to be a registered nurse.

If you are an RN, with at least one year of clinical experience, the exciting field of travel nursing may be just for you. Thousands of nurses have taken traveling assignments across the United States and through it all have grown professionally and personally.

What exactly is travel nursing? The term was coined more than 20 years ago, when a few agencies began to offer hospitals a short-term solution to perpetual staffing problems. The demand was especially high in places like California, Texas, Arizona and Florida, where population fluctuates with the seasons. Facilities in these states needed a large quantity of experienced, qualified nurses who could staff hospitals when "sun seekers" arrived from northern states. In addition, most areas of the country were experiencing an extreme shortage of nurses available to fill permanent positions.

The industry has expanded beyond the seasonal demands, although the states listed above still experience significant population shifts. Over the years, though, facility managers recognized that traveling nurses could be the solution to many of their staffing problems. Today, a well-qualified nurse with experience in a high-demand specialty can find an assignment across the United States throughout the year.

Travel nursing: it about adventure, gaining professional experience, making new friends. Is it for you? There? only one way to find out. Good luck.




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